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Welcome to the Swan Range

The northern Swan Range -- home to the Jewel Basin Hiking Area and Alpine Trail No. 7, is the rugged backyard and scenic backdrop of the Flathead Valley. From Inspriation Pass to Columbia Mountain, the northern Swan supports our unique way of life and contributes much to the natural beauty and economic prosperity of the entire Flathead Valley. This website is dedicated to the enjoyment and appreciation of the northern Swan Range. Now is the time to act for the future of the Swan.

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Swan Rangers Klear North Krause!

Rangers willing to clear some trail! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers cleared trees from the trail up the North Fork or Krause Basin on an overcast-turned-sunny Saturday, November 30, 2019!

Wednesday brought another arctic blast of wind that toppled trees across power lines, garages and homes along Foothill Road, but Krause Basin thankfully fared a bit better.


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Swan Rangers Abandon Downfall Crawl!

Fall slash burning made for a golden "sucker hole" to the south! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers gave up on crawling over abundant downfall on the Echo-Broken Leg Trail on an overcast but pleasant Saturday, November 23, 2019!

They bushwacked downhill to the long-closed DNRC logging road that runs parallel to the trail and had an easier time of it!


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Swan Rangers do Track Trek in Krause Basin!

Krause Basin is home to hemlock trees and lots of wildlife! (Keith Hammer photos)

Twelve Swan Rangers saw tracks of bear, mountain lion, pine marten, deer, coyote, snowshoe hare, and squirrel in Krause Basin on a sunny Saturday, November 16, 2019!

There was never a dull moment and they all made it out alive!

Do not click here for a map of Krause Basin!


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Swan Rangers Hike Peterson Creek Trail!

Glimpses of Flathead Lake beyond Ferndale and Crane Mountain. (Keith Hammer photos except one)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked the Peterson Creek Trail on a balmy Saturday, November 9, 2019!

Most made it up to snow line and the junction with the Sidehill Trail!

Click here for a map of the Peterson Creek Trail.

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Swan Rangers Find Both Sides of Krause Basin!

Ice over North Krause Creek (Keith Hammer photos, Joni Mitchell tune "Both Sides Now")

Nine Swan Rangers hiked to a Joni Mitchell tune in Krause Basin on Saturday, November 2, 2019!

Snow on the ground told wonderful stories through wildlife tracks!



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Swan Rangers Hike Swan River Nature Trail!

Smoke on the water, clouds in th sky! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seven Swan Rangers hiked the Swan River Nature Trail on a slushy Saturday, October 26, 2019!

The sleet let up and it was a great walk for seeing waterfowl and golden larch trees!

Click here for information about the Swan River Nature Trail.

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Swan Rangers Hike and Clear Bear to Wolf!

Wolf Creek! (Norma Linsky photos)

Six Swan Rangers hiked and cleared blowdown from the old road between Bear and Wolf creeks on a gray Saturday, October 19, 2019!

It was a great outing, especially considering the wintery forecast!



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Swan Rangers Klear Krause!

Whittling away with hand tools! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seven Swan Rangers cleared fallen trees from trails in Krause Basin on a sunny Saturday, October 12, 2019!

Big windstorms the past two weeks blew a lot of trees down. Since 2011, Swan Rangers in Service have pitched in 1,054 hours of trail maintenance via a volunteer agreement with the Swan Lake Ranger District!

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Swan Rangers Hike Noisy Foothills!

Clouds rebirthing from wet trees along the Swan Range. (Keith Hammer photos)

Five Swan Rangers hiked around Noisy Creek on the Foothills Ski Area on a rainy Saturday, October 5, 2019!

There are a lot of trees blown down by last weekend's storm, so be aware when going out to hike your favorite trail!

The Foothills Ski Area/Bigfork Community Nordic Center is managed by North Shore Nordic, so check their web site for maps and to learn how you can donate or help maintain their trails!

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