Swan Rangers Blown Away By Beauty!
Windy Lake by Keith Hammer

Swan Rangers found both wind and beauty during their outings this past week!

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In our lead photo, Keith Hammer shows us whitecaps on a mountain lake while . . .


. . . Pam Willison claims it was so beautiful out that you sometimes had to turn your back on it!


Norma Linsky found a buck in velvet barely willing to turn his back on her!


Pat Jaquith found Broomrape doing its parasitic thing among Sedum and . . .


. . . a Pine siskin with a bug in its beak.


Skip Via found a Mountain cicada on a Penstemon and . . .


. . . a Common loopwing aphideater on a Phlox flower!


Keith Hammer saw a cow Moose dredging up calories while . . .


. . . its calf lay hidden nearby!


Keith also saw where a grizzly bear left its rear footprint where it had been digging up Biscuitroot.


Keith also saw a Golden mantled ground squirrel . . .


. . . a bold wild Iris and . . .


. . . a shy Pigmy bitterroot!


In our parting shot, Ruth Quist shows us Echo Lake reflecting a sunset and the Swan Range!

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to keith@swanview.org and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on June 30, 2024 • [Permalink]