Swan Rangers Celebrate Colors, Birds and Water!

Fall colors in Swan Range by Chris Gotschalk

Swan Rangers found beauty in Fall colors, birds and water during their outings this past week!

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In our lead photo, Chris Gotschalk shows off some Fall colors in the Swan Range while . . .

. . . Norma Linsky shows us some in the North Fork Flathead.

Skip Via shows us that Fall colors are still out when it is cloudy but that . . .

. . . when it is sunny, even the rocks change color!

Bob Muth found sunlight being captured by ferns!

Keith Hammer found the grasses changing color around this beaver lodge and wetland while . . .

. . . Dani Mayberry found the grass turning brown all around these wild horses!

Keith also found Sandhill cranes enjoying a dance in a Fall stubble field while . . .

. . . Pat Jaquith found this Northern harrier taking off to hunt in those stubble fields!

Ruth Quist saw this Western grebe in an otherwise serene scene that may cause viewer dizziness!

In our parting shot, Sallie Gratch shows a pretty sunset in Evanston, IL!

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to keith@swanview.org and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on October 08, 2022 • [Permalink]