Swan Rangers Club

The Swan Rangers Club no longer holds every-Saturday group outings, but will continue to issue weekly email reports of photos and interesting tidbits about nature sent in by fellow Swan Rangers.

Due to the skyrocketing interest in outdoor recreation (including email inquiries about our Saturday outings) we feel there is no fair way to limit group size short of a reservation system and we don't intend to go there.

We do, however, encourage people to continue hiking, skiing and snowshoeing in small groups. It is the safest way to recreate in the habitat of bears and mountain lions. It also decreases the displacement of wildlife by, for example, resulting in one intrusion by a group of 5 rather than 5 individual intrusions spread out over the trail and day.

Group outings are also a great way to share the love and knowledge of nature - and to share in advocating for the preservation of quiet and calm habitats for fish, wildlife and people.

The Swan Rangers will continue to focus on what is along the trail, not how much trail gets travelled or how quickly.

Swan Rangers in Service will also continue to help the Forest Service maintain trails that are supposed to be on the landscape and to help restore areas damaged by unauthorized trails.

If you are of like mind, consider yourself a Swan Ranger and send us your thoughts and photos for us to consider including in our weekly reports!

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Always remember bear spray and the "ten essentials!"

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This article published on March 07, 2012 • [Permalink]