Swan Rangers Find Birds and Bears!
Trillium by Ruth Quist

Swan Rangers found birds, bears, wildflowers, and snakes during their outings this past week!

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In our lead photo, Ruth Quist gets the first-Trillium sighting award, not to be outdone by her photo of . . .

. . . a Redhead, some of which apparently get offended if that is followed by Duck and some by Pochard!


There was a tie for first Balsamroot photo but Pam Willison included Flathead Lake in the background for extra measure!


Pam Willison also saw a Mountain bluebird and . . .


. . . a pair of Osprey building their nest with plenty of bailing twine to get tangled in!


Pat Jaquith shows us a Glacier lily being photo-bombed by a Buttercup and . . .


. . . a beautiful Garter snake speaking with a forked tongue!


Dee Blank found a nice bunch of Shelf fungus on a log!


Chris Gotschalk reminds us there is still snow along the Swan Crest that is at times . . .


. . . being replenished with snow squalls!


Debra Schweitzer found snow in the high country of Glacier National Park but also found that . . .


. . . bears are out of their dens to slow down your hike or bike ride!


In our parting shot, Ruth Quist reminds us bears are out of their dens in the Swan Range also, so remember to carry your bear spray!If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to keith@swanview.org and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on April 20, 2024 • [Permalink]