Swan Rangers See Swans, Swans, More Swans!

Swans and Swan Mountains by Keith Hammer

Swan Rangers saw lots of Swans, some of them over the Swans, and other Springtime splendor during their outings this past week!

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In our lead photo, Keith Hammer claims he "saw some seventy Swans saying sweet stuff about the Swan Range" while . . .

. . . Pam Willison saw two Swans flying "over" the Swan Crest!

Ruth Quist took a photo of Swans that will put a kink in your neck just looking at it and . . .

. . . a photo of a pair of Hooded merganser.

Debra Schweitzer shows us mountains reflected in a lake on the west side of Glacier Park while . . .

. . . Lynn Smith hiked into the east side of Glacier Park to find this lake still frozen over and reflecting Winter!

Chris Gotschalk shocks us into Spring with this photo of Crocuses/Croci and a busy Honey bee!

Skip Via shows us an Elk enjoying the thaw in the Yellowstone area!

In our parting shots, Pat Jaquith once again provides us a flashback to Costa Rica with this Amazon kingfisher . . .

. . . equally successful Anhinga and . . .

. . . a Poison-dart frog also called "Blue Jeans!"

If you have interesting photos of your outings, send them along with a description to keith@swanview.org and we'll try to work them into these weekly reports!

This article published on March 23, 2024 • [Permalink]