Swan Rangers Take Smokey Stroll!

Washington smoke colors a Swan Range sunrise! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers took a smokey stroll in Krause Basin on Saturday, July 19, 2014!

They hiked a loop through Cottonwood Bottom, digging water bars and diverting a stream that was running down the trail, trimming back some alder brush, then checking on a bit of trail they'd etched in along Krause Creek a couple weeks ago.

Click here for a map showing the network of these trails in the Krause Basin area (select the Swan Lake Ranger District - North Half map).

A group photo usually posed on snow and skis.

A spring that was carving a rut down a couple hundred yards of trail was diverted across the trail!

A bit of trail etched in alongside Krause Creek will hopefully survive high water next Spring!

A "nurse log" illustrates the cycle of life by sprouting moss and hemlock saplings!

Pine drops grow alongside last year's stalks beneath western hemlock trees!

Pine drops beginning to flower.

The Swan Rangers meet every Saturday at the Echo Lake Cafe for breakfast at 7:30, leaving at 8:30 for a partial day outing in the northern Swan Mountains and foothills.

They carpool from the Swan River School parking lot next to the Cafe.

When hiking in bear country, remember to carry bear spray and avoid the 3-D's: dawn, dusk, and darkness.

Everyone is welcome!

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