Swan Rangers in Service

The Swan Rangers have a volunteer agreement with the Forest Service to help maintain trails in the Swan Range.

You can read about and view photos of some of their work below - and you can click here to volunteer.

Since September 2011 Swan Rangers in Service have provided 1,673 hours of volunteer labor!

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Blow-down Trees Removed from Switchback Trail

Three Swan Rangers in Service used chainsaws and muscle to remove blow-down trees from the Switchback Trail and make repairs to the trail tread!

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More Peters Ridge Trail Maintenance!

Swan Rangers in Service this year again removed the tall grass from the Peters Ridge Trailhead and re-dug the trail's water bars. Then they cut back brush from the trail all along the south slope of Peters Ridge.

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Peters Ridge Trail Erosion Work Accomplished!

Swan Rangers in Service restored 8 old water bars and installed 12 new water bars in the first steep stretch of the Peters Ridge Trail on Saturday, July 18, 2020!

They also hacked down and raked up the tall grass at the trailhead so hotly-parked cars wouldn't catch the grass on fire as it soon dries out. Never park a hot car in dry grass that can touch the exhaust system! You can see a couple spots in these photos where parked car engine heat killed the green grass down to the ground!

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Swan Ranger Volunteers Repair Trail Tread!

Swan Ranger volunteers have been digging new trail tread where uprooted tree "root wads" blocked or took the trails with them!

Five big wind storms since October blew down a lot of trees in the Swan Range and elsewhere. While others are clearing the trails with chainsaws, Swan Ranger volunteers have been able to help reestablish trail tread where necessary - here along the Echo - Broken Leg Trail and along the Switchback Trail!

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Krause Basin Nature Trail Refurbished!

Twenty hours were spent refurbishing the Krause Basin Interpretive Trail in June 2017; repairing vandalism to the signboard, pulling weeds from the trail tread, and trimming overgrowth to return it to its original width!

Click here for information about the trail and a free trail guide brochure.

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Upper Hemler Creek Trail Cleared 140830!

The Swan Rangers cleared several downed logs from the meadows along upper Hemler Creek Trail, just below Alpine Trail #7!

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Sixmile Trail Cleared Above Alpine 7 140712

The Swan Rangers cleared several deadfall from the Sixmile Lookout Trail above Alpine Trail #7 on Saturday, July 12, 2014!

Motorcycles were starting a nasty detour around the deadfall pictured below, which the Rangers removed with hand saw and a nearby dead wood lever.

The Forest Service had already cleared the trail up to Alpine #7, so it is now in good condition all the way to Sixmile Peak!

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Peters Ridge Trail Repaired 140705

The Swan Rangers made numerous repairs to the Peters Ridge Trail on July 5, 2014, including cleaning of water bars, a bit of brushing, and plenty of re-tread digging higher up!

Tread was repaired in numerous spots where the steep hillside slumps in the upper Brown's Creek bowl, including one of the switchbacks:

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Tread Repaired in Switchback Trail 6/22/14!

Swan Rangers repaired two slumps in the Switchback Trail, cleared brush, and removed two deadfall logs - with many thanks to the guy with the chainsaw that recently cleared the rest of the dozens of deadfall!

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