Trail Tread Slumps Repaired on Strawberry Lake Trail 6/9/14

Swan Rangers repaired two major slumps in the Strawberry Lake Trail tread while a Forest Service chainsaw crew cleared large deadfall.

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Repairs Made to Peterson Creek Trail 7/13/13

Repairs were made to the Peterson Creek Trail, trimming back several deadfall that were crowding the trail off the mountainside and reestablishing the tread.

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Deadfall Cleared from Strawberry Lake Trail 11/17/12

All but one (too-large for hand saw) deadfall were cleared from the Strawberry Lake Trail.

Below is an example.

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Deadfall Cleared from Echo-Broken Leg Trail 11/10/12

Almost all deadfall was cleared from the Echo-Broken Leg Trail as far as Wolf Creek.

Below is an example.

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Deadfall Cleared from Switchback Trail 11/3/12

A half-dozen deadfall trees were cleared from the Switchback Trail.

Below are a couple before and after photos.

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Deadfall Sawn from Echo-Broken Leg Trail 9/29/12

Numerous deadfalls were sawn and removed from both the Elk Springs Trail and the Echo-Broken Leg Trail above it. Below are a couple examples:

A very limby deadfall was cleared to prevent an ugly detour developing around it.

One deadfall across the trail was made into a curb helping keep the trail on the hillside.

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Switchbacks Restored on Peters Ridge Trail 8/30/12

A half-dozen switchbacks were restored in the upper reaches of the Peters Ridge Trail, at the head of Browns Gulch.

A small bridge/crib was required on the uppermost switchback, shown here, where the trail had caved and been worn away due to a shortcut.

Click here to see the four-photo description of the process!

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Major Brushing on Peterson Creek Trail 7/28/12

Major brushing was done with hand loppers on the Peterson Creek Trail, cutting back evergreen ceanothus in the old Red Owl burn.

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Major Brushing on Broken Leg Trail 7/14/12

Major brushing was done with hand loppers on the Broken Leg Trail in Wolf Creek Canyon.

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Deadfall Sawn from Peters Ridge Trail 7/7/12

Deadfall trees were sawn and/or rolled off the Peters Ridge Trail.

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