Swan Rangers Ski Kold Krause!

Over the river and through the woods! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seven Swan Rangers skied Krause Basin on a frigid Saturday, February 10, 2018!

Our thanks go out to Canada for sharing its fresh air with us!

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Swan Rangers Ski Krause Loop!

Krause Creek at the upper end of Cottonwood Bottom! (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers skied a loop in Krause Basin on a slightly soggy Saturday, February 3, 2018!

They went up through Cottonwood Bottom then returned via the Strawberry Lake Road, which is a nice glide except for the plowed last mile!

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Swan Rangers Ski Mission Lookout!

The calm of a Swan River backwater. (Keith Hammer photos except one)

Nine Swan Rangers skied to Mission Lookout on a fresh-powder Saturday, January 27, 2018!

The ski was 8 miles long and 5 inches deep!

Click here for directions to the Mission Lookout.

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Swan Rangers Ski Peters Ridge Road!

Overlook of Flathead and Echo Lakes! (Keith Hammer photos)

Six Swan Rangers skied Peters Ridge Road on a misty-freezy Saturday, January 20, 2018!

The inch of fresh snow was a bit sticky on the way up but a freezing mist slicked it up for the glide down!

Click here for a map of the Peters Ridge Road.

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Swan Rangers Ski North Krause!

Crossing South Krause Creek! (Keith Hammer photos except the last)

Ten Swan Rangers skied up the North Fork of Krause Creek on a warm Saturday, January 13, 2018!

Several turned around early, trading in the mashed potatoes for the groomed trails at the Foothills Ski Area (North Shore Nordic)!

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Swan Rangers Ski Bear Creek Road!

Following the snowy white road! (Keith Hammer photos)

Five Swan Rangers skied the Bear Creek Road on a crunch-a-mushy Saturday, January 6, 2018!

With the first thaw of the season the snow was like a twice-baked potato; a little crust on top of mashed potatoes!

But it beats staying home and chopping ice dams off the roof!

Click here for a map of the Bear Creek Road, which leads to the Peterson Creek trail.

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Swan Rangers Shovel and Ski!

 (Pam and Keith selfie)

Twas the next to last day of 2017
The weather was trying to be really mean
With cold from the north and wet from the west
It was “emergency travel only,” at best!

So we called the café
“Are there Swan Rangers there?”
“Not a creature is stirring
There’s nobody, nowhere!”

So we got out our shovels
Snowplow and snowblower
And moved tons of snow
We moved it all over!

But we would not ever
Give in to defeat
This day without skiing
Would not be complete!

So, with a half-day delay
Two Swan Rangers went skiing
And took this photo
That you are seeing!

We hope you are safe and
With those you hold dear
And we wish you all
A Happy New Year!

The Swan Rangers meet every Saturday at the Echo Lake Cafe for breakfast at 8:30, leaving at 9:30 for a partial day outing in the northern Swan Mountains and foothills.

They carpool from the Swan River School parking lot next to the Cafe.

When hiking in bear country, remember to carry bear spray and avoid the 3-D's: dawn, dusk, and darkness.

Everyone is welcome!

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Swan Rangers Ski Cottonwood Bottom!

Breaking out into the sun in Cottonwood Bottom! (Keith Hammer photos)

Seven Swan Rangers skied sweet snow on a sub-zero Saturday, December 23, breaking trail up to and through Cottonwood Bottom in Krause Basin!

It was a knee-deep affair that was also a great study in how light changes along the way and through the day!

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Swan Rangers Hike Peter-Patter Loop!

This photo of an early Swan Ranger outing hangs in the Echo Lake Cafe!

Eight Swan Rangers hiked a loop in the Peterson and Patterson Creeks area on a fresh-snow Saturday, December 16, 2017!

Five miles, a little bushwhack, and two crossings of each of the two creeks gets you back to where you started!

Click here for a non-existent map of the loop.

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Swan Rangers Hike Muddy Jewel!

Swan Rangers in the Wildland-Urban Interface. (Keith Hammer photos)

Thirteen Swan Rangers hiked the area between Jewel Basin Road and Mud Lake on a gray Saturday, December 9, 2017!

They then took a quick stroll around the Foothills Ski Area, dreaming of snow and cursing weather inversions!

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