Watching Golden Eagles from Doris Mountain

The Swan Crest from atop Doris Mountain. (Bob Muth photo and poem).

On October 11, some of the Over the HIll Gang hiked up Doris Mountain in the Northern Swans. Several golden eagles soared on high thermals as they ate lunch on the summit, inspiring this poem by Bob Muth:


A bird flies in the sky, and no matter how far it flies
there is no end to the air.
--Zen Master Dogen, Moon in a Teardrop

Sheer stealth.  
Sublime strength.
Rapture of sky
And summit.
Sacred sojourner
Of sun-tossed trails.
Mountain master
Of terrible talons
And towering thermals.

Oh, Horus,
     Oh, Ba,
          Oh, Thunderbird...

Thou feathered frontier
Of our vast fall
And forgetfulness,
     Bless the Breath
          Of our separate
                And same

         --Bob Muth  October 14, 2012

*In ancient Egypt, Horus the falcon was god of the sky, goddesses were represented by a bird known as Ba that frequented tombs. On this continent, some native people believed Thunderbird created the world.

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Swan Rangers Hike Bear Creek to Wolf Creek

A salamander out for a snowy stroll! (Keith Hammer photos)

Eleven Swan Rangers hiked the old road from Bear Creek to Wolf Creek on Saturday, October 27, 2012.

They didn't see a bear or a wolf, but they did see a salamander braving the fresh snow!

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Swan Rangers Hike Peters Ridge Road

A stroll among beautiful autumn colors on Peters Ridge Road. (Bob Muth and Roger Benson photos)

Five Swan Rangers hiked the Peters Ridge Road in beautiful fall colors on Saturday, October 20.

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Swan Rangers Hike Krause Basin

Keith Hammer photos.

Eight Swan Rangers hiked a rainy day loop in the hemlock forests of Krause Basin on Saturday, October 13, 2012.

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Swan Rangers Hike Mount Aeneas

Great views begin along the old road to Malfunction Junction! (Keith Hammer photos)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked Mount Aeneas in a bit of snow on Saturday, October 6.

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Swan Rangers Hike Elk Spring, Clear Trail

Mushrooms in Echo-Broken Leg Trail. (Keith Hammer photos)

Nine Swan Rangers hiked to above Elk Spring on Saturday, September 29, and also cleared deadfall from the Elk Spring and Echo-Broken Leg Trails.

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How "Squaw" Lake Became In-Thlam-Keh

A trail sign in Jewel Basin Hiking Area points to the lake formerly known as "Squaw."

"For the past century, some 75 place names across the state have contained the term 'squaw,' a word deeply offensive to many people in Montana, especially the members of Montana’s seven federally recognized tribal nations. . .

Now, after almost a decade of work, 60 of the 76 “s-word” places have been replaced by new names."

Click here to read the entire Char-Koosta News article (3/19/09).

Click here to view or download the list of 17 Salish-Pend d’Oreille place names (and their meanings) that have replaced "squaw" in Montana.

In-Thlam-Keh, for example, means "black bear."

Click here to see a photo of In-Thlam-Keh Lake.

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Swan Rangers Hike In-Thlam-Keh Lake

In-Thlam-Keh Lake reflects Mount Aeneas at right. (Keith Hammer photos)

Ten Swan Rangers hiked past Martha and Birch Lakes to In-Thlam-Keh Lake in Jewel Basin Saturday, September 22.

Autumn Equinox was ushered in with the most vibrant of Fall colors, enhanced by a red sun filtering through thick wildfire smoke!

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Swan Rangers Hike Estes Lake

Smiling faces under smokey skies at Estes Lake. (Keith Hammer photos)

Eight Swan Rangers hiked to Estes Lake on Crane Mountain Saturday, September 15, opting not to climb and choke on wildfire smoke that is limiting mountaintop views!

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Swan Rangers Younger and Elder Hike Aeneas!

Grandpa points the way to the top of Aeneas. (Keith Hammer photos)

Eighteen Swan Rangers hiked Mount Aeneas Saturday, September 8, and many got passed by new Rangers aged 3, 7 and 8!

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