Swan Rangers Hike Peters-Strawberry Loop

Seven Swan Rangers hiked a loop up Peters Ridge Trail, south along Alpine Trail #7, then down Strawberry Lake Trail on Saturday, September 1. (Photos by Keith Hammer)

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Swan Rangers Hike Back Door to Crater Lake

Eleven Swan Rangers hiked the "back door" into Jewel Basin's Crater Lake on Saturday, August 25, via Wolf Creek Canyon and a sketchy-in-places bear and goat trail! (Photos by Keith Hammer).

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Swan Rangers Hike Lamoose and Hash Mountain

Sixteen Swan Rangers hiked to Lamoose Lake, then half continued on to Hash Mountain (above) along the Swan Crest Saturday, August 18. (Roger-style photo and others by Keith Hammer)

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Following Bob Marshall: Swan Range to the Chinese Wall

Four backpackers recently retraced Bob Marshall's 1928 route from the Swan Range to the top of the Chinese Wall (above) in the Wilderness that now bears his name.

Travel with them (and Bob) through these twelve photos and captions!

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Swan Rangers Hike Picnic and Black Lakes

(Roger Benson photo)

Seven Swan Rangers hiked to Picnic Lakes and Black Lake in Jewel Basin Saturday, August 11, where summer wildflowers continue to bloom in abundance!

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Swan Rangers Hike Tongue Mountain

Atop Tongue Mountain (Roger Benson photo).

Fourteen Swan Rangers broke into two groups and hiked to Tongue Mountain in Jewel Basin Saturday, August 4.

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Swan Rangers Hike and Brush Peterson Creek Trail

Ten Swan Rangers hiked the Peterson Creek Trail Saturday, July 28, and cleared it of brush as far as the Quintonkin Creek divide.

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Swan Rangers Hike Sixmile Mountain

Nine Swan Rangers hiked up Sixmile Mountain Saturday, July 21, under a beautiful sunny sky with cool breezes. It doesn't get much better than that!

Yesterday's rain cleared the air and the Rangers were able to see across the Bob Marshall Wilderness to peaks along the Rocky Mountain Front, not to mention peaks in Glacier National Park!

The Sixmile Trail up to Alpine Trail #7 had been cleared by chain saw and the Rangers cleared almost all the dead-fall and leaners from there on up to the peak. The entire trail is free of snow, a bit of a pleasant surprise!

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Got Socks? Hiking Season is Here!

Hiking season is full upon us and so is this new Swan Range web site!

So check out the menu items along the left side of this page!

You'll find everything here that was on the old web site - and more!

In addition to the Swan Range Home page at the top of the menu, you'll also find Swan View Coalition "Next Door" at the bottom of the menu (and the Swan View web site menu provides a similar Next Door link back to this Swan Range site).

Check back often as we begin posting our Outing Reports and Journal Articles right here - and use the Contact page to let us know if you find problems or have suggestions for this site!

Happy Trails!

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