MILEPOST 49 - Peters Ridge

Peters Ridge Trail #37 switchbacks the last quarter mile before topping the Swan Crest, amidst wildflowers and grand views of the Flathead Valley and Flathead Lake.

Peters Ridge Trail #37 offers quick access from the Flathead Valley to Alpine Trail #7 and Lamoose Lake. In winter, nearby avalanche chutes are dangerous and require careful, off-trail route selection for safer travel.  In summer, these avalanche chutes are flush with wildflowers. When you pass over the Swan Crest on Trail #37 in summer, watch for bees carrying nectar and pollen from the west-side flowers to their east-side hives – the notch is western Montana’s busiest air-traffic corridor!

Once atop the Swan Crest, Peters Ridge Trail #37 passes through lush bear grass and affords great views of the Swan Crest and even Glacier National Park

Tracks of a wolverine head for the Swan Crest south of Peters Ridge. Both wolverine and lynx have big feet allowing them to walk on top of deep snow. 


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This article published on July 17, 2012 • [Permalink]