MILEPOST 63 - Columbia Mountain

A view of Columbia Falls and the Flathead River, with Whitefish Lake and Big Mountain in the distance.

In this view from Columbia Mountain, the Flathead Range's Great Northern Mountain pokes its head in the clouds at right, while a few peaks in Glacier National Park do the same in the far distance.

Columbia Mountain rises sharply from Bad Rock Canyon, partially hidden behind a log truck entering Columbia Falls.

Columbia Mountain, 7,234 feet in elevation. What a view! You can look down toward Hungry Horse Reservoir and Great Northern Mountain to the east and over the Flathead Valley to the West. You can imagine the great glaciers of the Ice Age, thousands of feet thick, filling the Flathead Valley. To the north and west, you can see the jagged peaks of Glacier National Park, also carved by the ice between 10,000 and 2 million years ago.


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